What's Inside the MYSTERY BOX?

September 9, 2018

Would you buy a mystery box? Even if you are curious about what's inside, would you risk $500, $200 or even $50 dollars if you knew nothing about the contents of a plain unmarked cardboard box?

This is the dilemma people face when thinking about hiring a Life Coach. It's a mystery. Why are so many people hiring Life Coaches? "What's in it for ME?" you might ask. 


I've been a certified and professional Life Coach and spiritual counselor for a LONG time and it never ceases to amaze me how little people know about what a Life Coach does! Sometimes you can see it in their eyes, the struggle to find what mental category they should put me in.


Questions people have but don't dare ask me:


1) Is this guy some sort of "para-therapist?" 

2) Is he going to charge me big $$$ to give me HIS OPINIONS on my life? 

3) Is this coach a rah-rah cheerleader who'll give me an expensive pep-talk? 

4) What kind of advice is he even qualified to give?


These are all great questions, but the answer to the first 3 is a simple "NO." The answer to the 4th question may surprise you: the BEST coaches are not paid the big bucks to give advice. Giving advice or telling you what to do is what a consultant, adviser, or mentor is hired for. That is NOT the primary aim or function of a truly professional Life Coach. As an aside, there are moments when giving some sort of advice is unavoidable, but we are trained to avoid this at all costs! The BEST coaches won't tell you what to do! 


Then WHAT is life coaching all about, and why do so many people and corporations pay hefty fees for the services of a highly skilled professional life coach?


In just over 2 minutes the following vid shines more light on what the Life Coaching phenomenon is all about.



Still have questions about Coaching and particularly what coaching with ME is like? Check out my FAQ page.





You can schedule a professional coaching session via PHONE or SKYPE with me, Q. There's no future obligation and you don't need a credit card. This is a real coaching session, NOT a sales pitch. Click the pic to schedule your own appointment online. It's easy!




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