Problems Can Be Your BEST Friends

September 8, 2018


Let's start by stating the obvious; NONE of us enjoy having problems. Can we all agree on that? It's probably safe to say we avoid problems whenever we can, as a general rule. Unless it is our job to confront them, given a choice, we steer clear of problems like ships avoid icebergs. Am I right?


The truth is, if problems were not so difficult, so painful, we would never discover what athletes, business people, scientists, and other successful individuals have known all along. Regular people like you and me can benefit so much from being aware of one simple fact; problems spur us on. They force us to grow, to get bigger, stronger, smarter, more resourceful, tougher, more experienced, more... MORE!


If someone invented or discovered a drug, or a super food, or a drink you could buy that made you better, smarter, faster, stronger, tougher to cope with almost EVERY AREA of life, how much would you pay for this magic potion? $50 a bottle? $100? $500? A "potion" like that would be worth it's weight in gold, don't you agree? You would likely pay as much as you could afford.



Save your money. You can get ALL of those benefits by having and dealing with PROBLEMS. But there is a "catch" here. Isn't there always? There are 2 things that must be true about your problem in order for you to get those juicy benefits we're talking about:


1) Regardless of your circumstances, the problem must be hard for YOU. It must either vex you, pain you, confuse you, and preferably, be something you've tried to fix before and failed miserably at. THAT sort of problem is the real pot of gold! You get the MOST value from solving the hard ones.


For example, if you are a rich person your problem must be something money can't solve; It could be health, family or marital issues, addiction issues, you name it. The key is that it not be in your area of strength. Medicine is not needed where you are healthy. Curiously, problems always seem to gravitate to areas of your life where you are weak or need the most work. Like the body builder with massive biceps and wimpy chicken legs, life has a way of telling us what we should be focusing on by the PROBLEMS we have in that area.



2) The best problems are PERSISTENT ones, preferably things you deal with every day. Getting a flat tire or missing a flight is a problem but you don't get a "training effect," to borrow another workout analogy, dealing with these infrequent problems. Solving this sort of occasional, infrequent situation may put a feather in your cap and give you bragging rights, but the real bulls-eye problem you want to hit is the one that darkens EVERY DAY. This is the problem that, once solved, gives you the most "bang for your buck" in terms of relief, joy, and happiness.


This topic deserves a whole book, but blogs and books should be very different things so let us put this topic to bed for now by suggesting a viewpoint adjustment.


Have you ever noticed that successful people tend to speak in terms of "challenges" and rarely use the word "problems?" Pay attention to how successful individuals in any field, sports, business, entertainment, or music express themselves when it comes to what WE might call problems but which THEY call challenges.


For the next 15 days, why not start thinking of problems as challenges and let your focus be on finding a way to MEET THAT CHALLENGE, instead of passively enduring a "problem?"


Let me know how it goes!


Excuse the language but this pic really says it all... I couldn't resist!






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