Halloween has been FRAMED!

September 7, 2018


As one of the world's biggest fans of Halloween, I'd like to state for the record that Halloween has been FRAMED for a crime it didn't commit! It doesn't help that one of the most popular series of slasher movies ever made was named "Halloween," starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle as Michael Meyers.

What TEN films of the Halloween series don't show you about this holiday is that this traditional observance was rather peaceful and had nothing to do with killing people. We can thank Hollywood and horror writers for all the gore and slasher movies!


Here are a few interesting factoids about Halloween you may have missed:



BATS: It was traditional to light a large bonfire. This would attracts flying insects. Flying insects would attract bats looking for a convenient meal! People celebrating Samhain around a fire would naturally share it with bats.




Trick or Treat: Although this is a modern 20th century custom, the practice of dressing up in costume for Samhain and going house-to-house asking for food or treats goes back to, at least, the 16th century in Britain and Ireland. Costumed people would be prepared to offer a tune or dance a jig in return for treats of food or sweets.




Witches: Halloween has often been said to have a dark demonic side. This is a religious bias that is based on ignorance. Despite being cast by the church as brides of the Devil, witches are lovers of nature and keen to honor earth's natural cycles. Films featuring monsters and Satanic killers are also to blame for stereotyping witches.




Jack 'O' Lantern: The operative word here is "Lantern." In the days before electric lights, people lit their way with lanterns, candles or torches. Imagine carrying around a pumpkin lamp! That would be too heavy and too big. Instead, smaller gourds with cutouts were usually used.




Black Cats: Depending on the period in history and the culture, black cats have been seen as BOTH good and bad. The Puritan Pilgrims are largely responsible for connecting black cats to witches and Witchcraft. This cuddly creature is now too often seen as an omen of bad luck.





I think you'll enjoy watching this short film about Halloween. Enjoy!







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