How-to use the AWESOME power of imagination!

August 11, 2018



In western culture the value of imagination is measured in millions of dollars. For example, in my country, the United States, imagination only seems to have real value if it results in notoriety and a lavish lifestyle. Famous authors, artists, movie directors, and corporate innovators are seen as possessors of a rare "super-power" called imagination. Names like Steven Spielberg, Picasso, J.K. Rowling, Paul McCartney, Elon Musk, and Nikola Tesla spring to mind. On the downside, imagination that doesn't make us rich and famous, is often thought of as "just my imagination"


This undervalued faculty that ALL humans have is a goose that will lay as many golden eggs as you want or need. I can hear many of you objecting already: "I don't have a good imagination. I'm not a creative type and really suck at making up stories, or art or... anything imaginative!" Believe me, folks; in my work, I've heard it all before. Still, I respectfully disagree in the most strenuous terms. You DO have a good imagination, maybe even a great one- you're just not real clear on what imagination is. Follow me for a minute here.



Imagination is defined as, "the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses." Before you gloss over the definition cited above, assuming that you already know what imagination is, did you notice that this definition includes 3 very different ways in which imagination can be expressed?


1) New ideas.

2) Images.

3) Concepts.


Are you still so certain that you have no imaginative skills? Or do you think of imagination as being primarily what we find in novels, works of art, music, painting, and movies?


Look at the images below. Can you tell me which of these activities requires imagination to do well? 








The answer is they ALL do. Imagination really is a master tool that takes many forms and integrates itself seamlessly into nearly everything you do from your morning wake-up routine to deciding what you'll eat for dinner or that late-night snack. Ask yourself this question: when you get dressed and are ready to put on your shoes, how do you find them? "I remember where I left them," you say. Yes, but HOW do you remember it? Do data points pop into your head or do you get a stream of text directions? No. When you recall those shoes, don't you SEE them in your mind? Do not you also SEE the surroundings where you left them? If you answer yes, then THAT is your imagination working for you!


To those individuals who still think they have little or no imagination, I recommend that you take a day or two to notice all the images, concepts, and new ideas that pop into your mind. By definition this is your imagination hard at work! Honestly, it is difficult to conceive of being able to live from day to day without a fully functioning imagination.


The "how-to" part of the post you've been waiting for!


Now that you better understand the wide spectrum of imagination's services to you the question becomes how to maximize the almost unlimited potential that your imagination has in store for you.


The power of imagination is difficult to overstate. It is not restricted to affecting your so-called "interior" world; that is to say, your thoughts, emotions, and internal reactions to things. It also has a powerful exterior influence that goes far beyond what you may realize. Those of you who know my mystical background in using and teaching what I prefer to call "magick" have heard me say that imagination is the magician's master tool for directing energy to specific tasks. This is true in more ways than one.


The simple methods to engage the great power of imagination are the same whether you are trying to get a better job, repair your car, grow your business, or, yes, do magick. The key to reading the technique below is the phrase "if practical or possible." Not every situation, will lend itself to using every sense to create an "image" in your mind, for example. So, to the extent that it makes sense, apply the following in using and strengthening your imaginary abilities.




1) Most people think of imagination in terms of sight, ie. an "image." That is only a tiny part of the imaginary experience, however. Involve as many of your 5 senses, taste, touch, hearing, smell, and sight in creating an imaginary experience. The "image" you create can be made so much more vivid, impactful, and powerful if you can give it a 3 dimensional quality and experience the imagined thing with as many of your senses as possible. For example, let's say you want to take a vacation or even move to an exotic tropical island. You could get a picture of a place like the one you want to live in. If you are not good at conjuring pictures in your mind, using a photograph is a perfectly good substitute or visual aid. Then you can sit back and sip a pina collada, or eat a piece of fruit common to that area while listening to music of that region! Do this often and see yourself being there doing exactly what you are doing now. If you're good at Photoshop you can even put yourself in this image complete with sandy beaches and you wearing a straw hat!



2) Don't try to "MAKE" or force this imaginary event into manifestation. Don't dwell so much on wanting it. Instead, daydream it and feel all the wonderful emotions you will experience "as if" you are there here and now. The power of this particular technique is probably beyond your current ability to grasp, but please suspend judgement until you have tried and succeeded at producing solid, measurable RESULTS. Results WILL come if you carefully follow these directions.


3) Finally, the above techniques work best if you allow your childlike self to do what we all did so easily and naturally as children: fantasize! Make this your imaginary playtime. In a word, "Feel it real" to quote Neville Goddard. Let this fantasy session be light, fun, and a welcomed mini-vacation from whatever your life is doing right now. These flights of fantasy don't have to take up large chunks of your day. In fact, a few minutes here and there are likely to be more productive than trying to carve out serious time for what should feel like pleasant daydreaming.


May you make these techniques your own and experience the awesome power of imagination.

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