Top 3 SUPER-POWER Mood Changers!

July 23, 2018


Long, long ago... (the 1970's actually) in what seems like a galaxy far, far away... it might have looked like just "think positive" was the solution to all problems from marital distress to that weird shimmy in your steering wheel! Books, tape programs, magazine articles - you name it -were all about the power of positive thinking. 


Well, folks, I lived through the 70's and tried lots of positive thinking and, I hate to break it to you but, it definitely is NOT the magic solution to all that ails you! Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to suggest there isn't value in maintaining a positive attitude. To the contrary, it is far superior to the alternative; lumbering along under your own personal rain cloud like a human version of Eeyore!


Sometimes, "think positive" just doesn't hack it. Come on, you know exactly what I mean. So here are 3 great ways to pump up a deflated mood. 


Have sex or masturbate! No... Wait... I'm serious. Actually, ANY fun activity that requires your total attention will work. Sex or any activity that results in an orgasm engages both mind and body in an experience that ends with deep cleansing breaths and relaxation. But hey, skydiving will also work- if that's what you're into.


The take-away: Get your mind FOCUSED and the body MOVING, preferably doing something that will work up a sweat. 


Express to decompress! How often have you kept your mouth shut when you were dying to vent all over that "special" someone? Have you ever forced a smile when you really wanted to scream? Want to feel better? Express yourself! 


Now, before you give your evil boss that "talking to" you've been dreaming about and then find yourself unemployed with lots of time on your hands, here are a few suggestions that can help you decompress, get it off your chest, and free the words that have been trapped inside you!


~ Journaling.


Yeah, I said it. Journaling is just a fancy word for WRITE IT DOWN. It doesn't matter where or by what means; just write it even if you never show it to anyone. You can do a whole he said-she said session if you like. There are no rules. This process is surprisingly cathartic! Try it.


~ Talk to your dog. They are GREAT listeners and they won't interrupt you with stupid questions!


~ Call a friend who is as smart as your dog. Sometimes we just need someone to SHARE OUR FEELINGS with. It's not about them helping you, it's about a listening ear. Secret pain is the hardest to cope with.


The Take-away: Get your feelings OUT of you! Scream into a pillow, talk to grandma's ghost, tell your fish, write a letter- see how many ideas you can come up with. You'll feel better, guaranteed!


Help someone. I'm no psychologist and I couldn't tell you WHY this works so well, but helping someone in need - especially someone who can't repay you is one of the BEST self-help strategies there are!


There is something highly therapeutic about putting your own troubles on a shelf temporarily while you focus on doing a good deed for another human being WITHOUT expectation of reward. Their gratitude will be all the reward you need.


The Take-away! It's simple; shifting you attention and your energies to a positive direction automatically shifts them away from your own negativity. You will return to your issues with a renewed attitude and perspective. 


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