An "Open secret" Revealed

May 16, 2018


Not many people get to pursue more than one or two simultaneous career paths. I have. Until recently, only coaching has been featured on this website. To those who are my clients, my "double life" as a coach and also psychic wizard has been an "open secret." Although it was never a true secret, since many people know of it and I made no effort to hide the fact, neither did I publicize the two together. That changes now.


Some while back, I hired an agent with some expertise in marketing to help grow my business. This individual suggested that I keep these 2 businesses separate. He believed that the more spiritual, "new Age" aspects of my business, IE., psychic and tarot card readings, magickal "workings" as I call them, and related "wizardly" services, would not appeal to a mainstream audience. His reasoning was that a person looking for a truly professional Life Coach would not likely hire someone who also did "readings" for a living. This person also suggested I "tone down" my usual style of dress, including the hat I always wear, for the same reasons.


I take full responsibility for deciding to follow this advice. In hindsight, I believe this was a big mistake. He just wasn't the right fit for me and it was a costly lesson I needed to learn.




My brilliant life-partner, Cathy, gets the credit here for finally convincing me to COMBINE all the services I offer, the professional Life Coaching AND the psychic and paranormal gifts I have had since early childhood. In a word, I should be ME. It may not be the best business decision, but it IS who I am, take me or leave me.


As it turns out both my coaching clients and my psychic services clients have experienced the entire spectrum of my service. They compliment each other quite well.


Watch for changes on this site!

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