Fear of Supermarket Dividers

August 18, 2017


There once was a precocious boy of 5 or 6 years old. Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond his control, he was saddled with crushing guilt and many irrational and incapacitating fears that no child should have to suffer. As you can imagine, these poisoned childhood roots damaged almost every aspect of his growth into adulthood. Fast-forward a couple of decades to the end of a failed marriage and this "boy," now a full-grown man, stands in line at his local supermarket. He managed to place his groceries on the cashier's conveyor belt. There is another shopper behind him and he knows he should place the plastic divider between them, but he can't. He's terrified of doing anything that makes him stand out. "What if someone notices me? What will they think of me, how I dress, how I look? What if they disapprove of me?" Thankfully, the lady standing behind him in line grabs the plastic divider herself. The sudden relief causes the muscles tightened in his chest to relax. The risk of drawing unwanted attention to himself had passed! Imagine that!


This soon-to-be-divorced man couldn't afford therapy or counseling but he knew his many anxieties and terrors were destroying his life. Fortunately for this young man, he found a way to scrape, struggle and claw his way out of the dark hole he was in. He repaired himself by whatever means he could; self-help books, religion, tape programs, mentors. You name it. At last, he found himself out of that dark hole and standing in the full light of a glorious sunrise. It was then that he decided he would help anyone who was struggling as he himself had struggled for so many years.


As you may have already guessed by now, that little boy was me. Helping other people isn't just about making a buck for me. It's about seeing another person suffering as I did from low self-esteem, low self-confidence and self-image issues. It's about seeing myself in the eyes of another person and offering a helping hand to them... 
to the "me" that used to be.


I'm offering 10 FREE 30-minute coaching/discussion sessions (1 per person. New clients ONLY) This is NOT a sales-pitch session. Thirty minutes of pure coaching one-on-one via Skype or phone. Click here for an appointment: http://www.qumrantaj.com/schedule-appointments
For more info: www.KeysOfPower.com

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