Meeting Santa Claus

July 18, 2017


 This post is not a gimmick. I met the REAL Santa Claus not two weeks ago. This takes a bit of explanation but I promise this will be the proverbial "Readers Digest Condensed" story.


Last weekend my lady and I were vendors at a special event named Pomynauk Academy of Wizardry & Witchcraft. It was a wonderful Harry Potteresque event produced by Twitch Twitch Productions and hosted by the good folks of Old Bethpage Village Restoration in Old Bethpage, New York. There were many interesting sights and even more interesting people who came from all points near and far. The mood was festive and it was clear that a good time was had by all, especially the young and young-at-heart Harry Potter fans.


At some point, I became aware of a jolly old fellow whom I took to be just another Santa Claus lookalike. After all, who could blame me? 

Thinking myself terribly clever, I began our conversation with 'Old Saint Nick' by saying something like, "Hey Santa, you didn't bring me what I wanted for Christmas." In hindsight, it wasn't very clever at all. He replied, "I didn't get your letter." What could I say? He was right. I haven't asked Santa for anything in years. We laughed and shook hands in greeting.


After an awkward moment or two, he asked, "You don't believe I'm really Santa, do you?" To my mind, the answer to that question should be obvious. He continued without waiting for a reply.


"OK then, what do you need to see? Will a drivers license help?" He then produced a very convincing drivers license complete with his picture and name 'Santa Claus' printed in black and white as plain as day. I confess, the thought crossed my mind in that instant, 'isn't Photoshop amazing?' 


"How the Hell did you manage that?" I asked. Nevertheless, the license looked authentic. He smiled knowingly as if he had heard that question a thousand times before.



"What else do you need?" he pressed on. He then proceeded to show me his Home Depot credit card, Master Card, and several other cards and ID's that were IDENTICAL to the ones I have in my own wallet but with one exception; every one of his identified him as 'Santa Claus!'


Anyone who knows me also knows that they have never seen me speechless. The appearance of the real Santa and me speechless happening simultaneously made this a rare occasion by any standard! 


Santa began a story that held me spellbound. It was a wonderful example of personal empowerment and, for that reason, it qualifies to be on this blog.


The TRUE Story of Santa Claus


Santa began as a fairly regular guy, not much different than you or me. He toiled at jobs just to pay the bills (yeah, Santa has bills too!) Like many of us his heart wasn't in his work but money is a good thing so "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go!" 


The man who stood before me had been your typical department store Santa for decades but after December 25th going back to his 'mundane' identity just didn't feel right.



One day, this man had a truly amazing experience that left no doubt in his mind where his path must lead. I will not relate all the details of his journey to becoming the real Old Man Christmas without his express permission because it was a private and deeply emotional moment.


After consulting his wife and securing her support, he mustered the courage to step forth regardless of what others might think and become the man he knew himself to be. He then proceeded to go through the legal steps to have his named legally changed to Santa Claus. In every way possible, legally and otherwise, he BECAME the real Santa Claus! Suffice it to say that upon hearing his story I stood in awe of his courage and determination.


After all was said and done I could not deny that this man was Santa Claus in the flesh. Of course, he won't try to convince you he lives at the North Pole, makes toys with the help of elves or drives a flying sleigh (except in jest.) He is not delusional, although he has a terrific sense of humor. The truth is, the children's tale of Santa Claus has a REAL flesh and blood counterpart and I count myself blessed to have met him and talked with him at length! This guy is the real deal folks. 


I encourage you to acquaint yourself with this wonderful man and find out what Santa Claus does in the off-season!


Santa's' Home Page.




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