Beware of Labels!

March 24, 2017


Imagine your clothes carried labels like pro race car drivers! What if instead of corporate sponsor labels your clothes had labels like mom, wife, lawyer, Republican, Democrat, captain, doctor, Vegetarian, Christian, and so forth. The curious thing is that NONE of those labels are YOU. Each label can only point to a tiny slice of your life. Some labels change over time, fall off or require explanation. The fly in this ointment is that people will judge you by these labels and you'll probably never know it.




Here's an example from my personal life. I was once a devout Christian minister. There's the label, "Christian minister." What does that label mean to YOU? The answer to that question depends entirely on who you are, your own religious background, the 'Christian ministers' you've known and all kinds of other biases. Without more information the label can raise more questions than it answers. The problem here is that almost nobody will ask you to explain your labels. They will see your label and think they know you!



These days I usually refer to myself as Pagan. How do you feel about the label "Pagan?" As before, that depends mostly on whatever YOU think about the subject, NOT on what the word means to me. For example, as a former Christian I can tell you what 'Pagan' meant to me. To me a Pagan was a Devil worshiper. A Pagan was a wicked person, a hater of God and a lover of Satan. A Pagan was somebody who would pollute my good Christian faith if they had the chance and drag me and my loved ones down into Hell. 


Thankfully, my nearly absolute ignorance of what Pagans and Paganism really is eventually gave way to more accurate knowledge. 


Here are OTHER labels associated with me that could use some clarification:







If you would like to learn more about me than the labels tell I would be delighted to explain it all to your full satisfaction.



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