For God's Sake SLOW DOWN!

February 25, 2016


If you're anything like me you've lost count of the ways and means you've tried to lose those stubborn pounds. Unlike your keys or the TV remote, the spare tire you carry with you everywhere is hard to lose! Truth be told, unlike your TV remote, that extra weight you lost has its own GPS tracker that always finds its way back to your belly, hips and thighs!


Why not try something a bit different -even counter intuitive? Instead of trying to slice off huge slabs of fat as fast as you can why not try losing weight as SLOW as you can? Crazy you say? Yes indeed. Crazy like a fox! You won't drop major poundage in time for that party in three weeks but this method has worked for MANY people when dieting had failed.


My own struggle might be of help to you. The image will live in my memory forever; looking down in despair at the rolling, blubbery landscape my body had become. I never could muster enough self control to stay on a diet. In that horrible moment it occurred to me that it could take YEARS of dieting for me to fit into “normal” clothes again! It was so very discouraging. Have you ever felt that way?


The Breakthrough!


For me there was a breakthrough moment. It was when the realization hit me that self control would NEVER get me a slimmer body. Then and there I knew going hungry was NOT an option for me. “Quality time” at the gym was also not me. Don't get me wrong. Exercise is a wonderful thing. It's just not MY thing.


In my pudgy little brain a thought sparked. Food substitution was my golden key; that and SLOW weight loss! There were a few common sense things I could do, even with my feeble self control.


  1. Eat until you're not hungry- NOT until food launches out of your nose and ears!

  2. Use 'filler ups.' Things like water or flavored seltzer.

  3. Stay away from “diet soda” - it makes your cravings worse.

  4. Use common sense substitutes for cake, cookies and candies such as raisins, bananas, pineapples and other healthy snacks.

  5. If you eat bread either make your own or buy one that doesn't have all the goodness processed out of it.

  6. Lean meats, fish and poultry, preferably baked or broiled.


You can almost hear readers shouting NOOO!! Bread and fruits are so high in carbohydrates! True enough but guess what; I lost a ton of weight following this homemade system! It's about comparing what you are eating with what you would have eaten. You can't argue with success my friend. On that note, I used to make a delicious desert using raisins and apple sauce. You can get unsweetened apple sauce but I used the sweetened variety- and I STILL lost weight. Do you know why? Because I have no clue what the calorie/carbs count a bowl of applesauce and raisins is but I'm pretty damned sure it's less than that chocolate layer cake I was going to stuff past my teeth! It's a net gain no matter what the nay sayers tell you.


Lose weight SLOWLY. Don't EVER get back on a diet. Just replace bad habits with good ones ONE TINY BABY STEP AT A TIME. Small, incremental changes are easy and they will get you to your goal slow but sure. The best part is, your body gets used to the new regime gradually and doesn't fight you every step of the way.


Be well and let me know how it goes.


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