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Here is a partial list of published items by or about Qumran Taj, a/k/a “Q”

Keys of Power - Book 2

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than your mundane, everyday routine? When you gaze into a mirror, do you ever ask yourself, "Is this all I am?" In this second book of the Keys of Power trilogy, you are granted access to the author's private thoughts and amazing experiences- experiences that answer the most important questions of YOUR life!

These paranormal experiences from the author's life will bring you to one inescapable conclusion; You are far greater than you realize. Enjoy these true tales of what is humanly "impossible." They will give you a new perspective on life and your place in it.

Keys of Power - Book 1

You cannot read Keys of Power without being inspired to be, to do, and to have the life you have always dreamed of. This book goes far beyond inspirational slogans and introduces the reader to a source of success at the very core of every person. Those who have struggled for years to overcome persistent problems or to change difficult circumstances in their lives will find new reasons for hope. The many insights it contains will change the way you view who and what you are. In simple, easy to follow steps, this book will show you that the power to change your life is within you HERE and NOW. Keys of Power is a warm and personal presentation written in an unpretentious and conversational style, this book reveals ancient wisdom found in all the great writings of humanity. Whether you just want to get a better job or you want to completely rebuild your life from the ground up, Keys Of Power is the one book you want in your pocket!

Tarot Cards: A Reader's Workbook

Are you intrigued by Tarot cards but are also a bit intimidated by them? Have you tried (and failed) to learn all those obscure symbols and meanings? Do you want to use the Tarot to read your future or simply to gain insight into relationships, career or even understand yourself better? If that sounds like you then you should know that this book reveals a far easier, better way for you to use and enjoy your cards. You can learn to read the Tarot like a pro in a natural, intuitive way.Here are some stand-out features of this unique method for learning to read Tarot for yourself or others:* Worksheets to make learning your cards FUN and EASY!* A method to better understand yourself and the world via Tarot.* A way to use your cards to nurture your intuition.* 5 awesome uses of the Tarot you never thought of!

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