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There was a time as a very young man that I was taught to believe all psychics are frauds and charlatans.  This was the teaching of the church in which I was raised so I believed what my religious leaders said. This put me in a very awkward position since, as a small boy of 6 years old, I myself had many psychic experiences! Only much later did I allow myself to think my own thoughts and draw my own conclusions based on the facts of my own experiences.

I realized that ALL professions have frauds, charlatans, and unethical people who cannot be trusted: Lawyers, politicians, law enforcement, entertainment, even doctors, and the clergy! There will always be people in every profession that will defraud you if they can. I also learned this: EVERY profession has individuals who respect themselves and their profession enough to do honorable, honest work.  First, allow me to suggest how a true psychic sensitive might be of help to you in certain situations. Secondly, I’d like to give you some helpful hints to spot a possible fraud and save yourself some money and heartache.

How may a Genuine Psychic Help You?

Let us make one thing clear from the start; psychics are mere humans, just like you. Like you, we have our own set of strengths and talents. Some psychics specialize in mediumship, others, in finding lost objects, and some have a gift for predicting future events. My own gifts are strongest in revealing hidden emotions and thoughts in relationships, and reading individuals not present at our session. Spirit also shows me how you can move forward in the PRESENT. helping you to find your way, your “true North,” to overcome personal problems, and offer insight into your most important relationships.

The value of someone who can sense and "see" what others cannot is a game changer. If you have found an honest and talented psychic reader, you have found a good thing. Still, I make it clear to my own clients that psychics do not "know all and see all" as those dishonest magazine ads sometimes say.

Psychics can be wrong or misinterpret what they sense. The real truth is that psychic impressions may be accurate in every sense but I’ve learned that the future is not written in stone. Most genuine readers are seeing future probabilities that can be altered by a client's choices.

Can a genuine psychic help you? Most definitely YES, but understand that Spirit gives you what you need right NOW. Some lessons need to be learned by experiencing them first-hand rather than being warned ahead of time. Sometime the Spirit of LOVE withholds knowledge for your own good.

Never make major life decisions based solely on psychic advice. Do your due diligence before making big decisions about who to marry, where to live, or a career change, and-- most importantly, understand that you are ultimately responsible for your choices.     

Tips For Spotting a Bogus “Psychic”

This short list is not provided as a reason to judge anyone as being a fraud. These tips are here because among grifters and conmen who cheat unwary clients, the following are fairly common techniques. These are some of the tricks used by “cold readers,” that is to say, pseudo psychics who have no true gift at all.

  • BEWARE a reader that asks too many questions. YOU are paying to ask the questions and get answers, not vice-versa.
  • If you are being read in person or on video, avoid wearing jewelry or other indications of your profession, personality quirks, religion, or marital status. Cold readers never miss a clue they can use to persuade you they have special insight into who you are.
  • Whenever possible, avoid giving information in advance, such as your full name, or any other identifying details an unscrupulous cold reader might be able to track down online. If a psychic can't read you using only your first name, his or her gift may not even exist.
  • BEWARE a psychic who is quick to say you are CURSED or are being persecuted by demons, witches, etc. This will almost always be followed by an offer of very expensive and ongoing special services to "break" the curse. While cursing and such DO exist, I can assure you that they are very rare indeed. It is natural for people to wonder about an unexplainable stretch of “bad luck” and some folks are quick to blame a supernatural cause. There are almost always other mundane reasons for what’s going on.  
  • A true psychic does not need to see you in order to read you. Cold readers take cues from subtle fascial expressions the client may not even be aware they made. A genuine psychic can do an accurate reading completely sight unseen and regardless of the distance between reader and client. I do remote readings of perfect strangers, sight unseen for people located in distant lands all over the world. For Spirit there is no time or distance.

Every genuine reader is unique. These tips are not given to make you doubt everyone who calls themselves a psychic. Each reader has found a methodology that works for their gift. For example, a gifted psychic may be talkative and ask a few innocent questions. That one fact doesn't mean they are charlatans. These tips are given to make you aware that an unscrupulous grifter will listen to every word you say and weave them into very broad "psychic" statements that could apply to almost anybody.

For the first or second session with a new reader, I recommend you give very little feedback either in word or non-verbal responses to questions he or she asks. There’s no need to be rude or overly suspicious, of course, but avoid volunteering information a cold reader might use to their advantage.  Once you are certain they have a genuine gift and there is a foundation of trust between you, it is safe to be more open and unguarded with your comments. 


I'm always a bit squeamish about posting testimonials. After all, it's my website so what prevents me from just making up glowing reviews of my work? To be perfectly honest, NOTHING prevents me from posting total lies. Having said that, people who know me also know that I am not that sort of man. My wife convinced me to post these comments and all I can say is that each testimonial is reprinted here word-for-word exactly as they were written by my clients to me. No last names are listed to protect the anonymity my clients are guaranteed. These comments are unsolicited and unedited.

Qumran, your ability to read for me today was quick and on point. You are a delight to talk to - I liked what you said, and truly appreciate a man's perspective regarding love and the man of interest. I will definitely call back for more. Thank You.
- Maryanne
Thank you for giving me hope. Will continue on with my life and letting things take its course. Will be calling back with updates and of course my insight. Have a wonderful weekend.
- Beth
Q provided detailed information regarding my situation...the information flowed well..I even extended the length of my conversation which I rarely do. I truly appreciated the email that recapped our conversation.
- Daniel
Hi, Q. I just wanted to thank you for your time on Saturday. And to tell you that what has since transpired is nothing short of divine intervention.  On Sunday, I got up and did my usual prayer/meditation time with God and asked for his help with divine connections for me and with our finances... (personal details redacted for her privacy)... You said that Spirit said that I was on the right track and that I should stay in school or look for work that would continue my education , so to speak. Well, my AA Degree is in Human Services with a with a concentration in family issues and substance abuse. So... in a matter of days... wowie! I just thought you might enjoy some feedback and I just am in awe right now. 
- Susan M. 
Qumran Taj is truly a gifted psychic. I could definitely recommend him. He will amaze you as he did me.
- Nancy J.
If you ever had any curiosity about the unknown, or had a spiritual side to you that didn't conform to today's religions, Q is the guy to go to to explore this realm.
- Scott W.
Astonishing experience! Will return! Honest insight, a truly blessed soul! Thx!
- John B.
Qumran helped me find the mind that I lost. His gift is a testament to the profound beauty of which the human spirit is capable. Qumran is the psychic to contact if you seek peace. 
- Jenny B.
Unbelievable experience, kind, compassionate, ethical, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
- Jason R.T.
He was a very honest and genuine person who spoke the truth accurately.
- Mario V.
Q is amazing! Th real deal. It was a pleasure.
- Thomas M.