Jun 8, 2017

"Spirituality" Defined


Edited: Jun 8, 2017


Spirituality as it is used everywhere on this site is not a religious term. In fact, at the risk of putting too fine a point on it, let me say it this way: I do not endorse any particular religion, religious doctrine or dogma of any sort whatsoever. I don't disapprove of religion in principle, it's just not what this website is all about. Still, having had a religious upbringing myself, I know many people see the words spirit, spiritual, and spirituality and they will default to religious definitions.


Google defined the word "spiritual"in the way pictured below. My use of the word refers to the 1st and most common definition:


Synonyms like the ones listed, non-material, incorporeal, and intangible are also accurate in the sense the word spiritual is used in nearly all my writings on this website and elsewhere.


Regardless of your belief system, it can hardly be denied that there is a certain spiritual dimension to life. You may prefer to conceptualize this "spirit" as God or Goddess, cosmic consciousness, the ONENESS, I AM or some other concept that helps you to grasp it better. Every individual has a right to their own opinions on this subject but there is definitely SOMETHING POWERFUL at work behind the scenes of our lives. Although, this "something" cannot yet be quantified using conventional means, quantum physicists are beginning to shed light on the mysteries of time, space and other topics that have, up until recently, been the province of spiritual teachers, mystics and the like.


Let us explore the ways and means that this incorporeal side of you can be used to create tangible improvements in your personal life!


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  • westinbrodey
    Apr 4, 2018

    In this generation involvement in the Order of St. Mary Magdalene and her devotions is oriented to self-initiation and a way of self-initiation has been taught in this forum. Within the Sophian Gnostic lineage, though, there is a spiritual empowerment of the Magdalene imparted to initiates of the tradition, the Mantle of the Holy Bride. If and when an initiate seeks to deepen their devotions to the Holy Bride, and seeks a greater influx of the Holy Light and Fire of the Bride, seeking to draw near, they may request to receive the Mantle of the Holy Bride from a linage-holder, or from an active initiate who has received the Mantle of the Holy Bride. When they are moved by the Holy Spirit, and it is time, the lineage-holder or initiate will impart this spiritual empowerment and blessing to the aspirant, “taking them under the Holy Mantle.” When this initiation is imparted there are prayers giving praise and thanks to the Most High, invoking the Name and Shekinah of the Holy One, and there are prayers invoking the Holy Mother and Holy Bride, and the lineage-holder or initiate will merge with the living presence of the Holy Bride, drawing through themselves the Holy Light and Fire of the Magdalene. As this is done, wrapped in their prayer shawl and manifesting it as the Holy Mantle, they will take the aspirant under the Holy Mantle, and they will lay hands on the aspirant, and bless and empower them in the Shekinah of Messiah, the Holy Bride. The Mantle of the Holy Bride is an intimate energetic exchange, a distinct transmission of the spiritual power of the Magdalene in our lineage, understanding that the inmost line of apostolic succession in our lineage is attributed to the Holy Bride, St. Mary Magdalene; hence, the lineage of the apostle of the apostles, Mother of Apostles. As perhaps you might imagine, the reception of the Mantle of the Holy Bride often brings deep spiritual and mystical experiences of the Holy Bride, along with deeper insight into the mysteries of the Gospel of Truth and the energetic transmission within and behind the Gnostic Apostolic Succession. This, of course, is a spiritual empowerment that can only be imparted in person, in an exchange between two initiates gathered together in the Blessed Name, cleaving to the Shekinah of the Messiah, the Holy Mother-Bride. If an aspirant is able to encounter a lineage-holder or initiate who has received the Mantle in this life, it is good; but if not a rite of self-initiation can be performed invoking the good company of the Holy Bride, and the Mother Spirit will bless the aspirant, all as they desire to receive and are able to receive. This too is good. for more details: Blockchain Use Cases Thanks
  • westinbrodey
    Mar 19, 2018

    Being spiritually connected is the key to all happiness and abundance. When we are connected to Spirit, we listen and we trust. When we are connected to Spirit, we know our value. When we are connected to Spirit, magic happens and prosperity flows. I believe that women are leading our future. And spiritual women are ahead. They are "tapped in" and using their innate gifts to serve the world. These women are not concerned with getting ahead at the detriment of others. They can't do jobs "just for the money." They can't take unconscious advantage of the Earth's natural resources and her inhabitants. This is the old way. The new way is feminine. It is full of collaboration, community, creativity, fostering, and supporting one another. It's rewarding and wildly prosperous. for more details: 2D Promotional Video Thanks!
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