Self-esteem ~ Self-confidence ~ Self-image

Apr 4, 2018

Research shows that people provide their own illness care between 80 and 98% of the time. (The difference in the figures cited simply reflects varying definitions of illness.) In one recent survey, pe
Feb 26, 2018

HI, Does anyone have any recommendation for books about self care whilst working in mental health services? I can find some books about general stress at work but nothing particularly about those work
Mar 19, 2018

When you become a coach, it is your duty to serve as many clients as possible (without stretching yourself). But here is the thing, you cannot dilute your message to your clients because everything th
Jun 8, 2017

This category is all about what I call the three "S" solution. The three S's are 1) self-esteem, 2) self-confidence, and 3) self-image. IMAGINE what your life would be like if you these three S's were
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