Mar 19, 2018

What does a personal empowerment coach do?


We have touched on this topic for a bit before, but here we are really going to go deep into what you, as an empowerment coach, can do for your clients.

Let’s find out what “empowerment” means first.

Empowerment means understanding where you are present emotionally and then eventually working towards your goal. Many people who have gone through trauma or have gotten complacent tend to get stuck.

Most people accept their mediocrity and live their whole life in a complacent manner. Very few decide to do something about it and these are the ones that you can help through your coaching.

As a personal empowerment coach, you can take them from their present emotional state to where they want to be by:

  • Helping them accept who they are and why they are stuck.

  • Giving them strategies which they can implement to reach their final goal.


for more details:

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  • westinbrodey
    Apr 4, 2018

    Hi everyone! I've tried reading up on 11's purpose - what they're meant to do here on Earth - but every answer seems to be relatively vague. I'm getting themes of love, higher energy channeling and spiritual guides, but never 'instructions' on how to go about that. How do they execute this? Is there a specific path they need to follow to manifest their purpose? Any help appreciated. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. reference: http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=61129 Blockchain Business Opportunities Thanks
  • qumran_taj
    Jun 8, 2017

    Some people know what they are supposed to do with their life by the time they learn to talk. They often make a name for themselves in their chosen field. In their later years they reminisce about how lucky they were or how blessed they are to have had such a wonderful career. Then there are the rest of us! In my practice it is fairly common for people to need help to create a fulfilling lifestyle that truly fits them. Typically they have spent many years on one path or after trying several paths they discover they are no closer to being happy with their choices. Instead, they feel empty and without a passion for living. If that sounds like you, there are ways for you to change your course and live a happier, more fulfilled life no matter where you are now. This category is for anyone in a similar situation. Share your experience and your views. If you have some wisdom that might help someone else, by all means share!
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