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They call me 'Q'


My name is Qumran Taj but everybody calls me Q.


I found a way to rebuild a life that once resembled a train wreck. Much of my life was spent struggling with poverty, fear, obesity, low self-esteem, divorce, and well... you get the idea. 


If my life has taught me anything it's that your future doesn't have to be like your past.  Honestly, no one has a perfect life but the plain truth is this; there's almost no part of your life that can't be made better with expert personal success coaching. 



What's important to you? Is it having more self-confidence? Are you a successful person with a "perfect" lifestyle but are still unhappy? Do you desire to tap into your own inner strength and guidance?

The story of Q


Q has spent a lifetime searching for the deeper, fundamental truths behind all faiths and philosophies. His journey has taken him down both familiar and fantastic paths. He has been a Christian minister, Pagan high Priest, Wizard, spiritual guide, professional Life Coach, motivational public speaker, published author and self-empowerment mentor. The answers he found saved his life.


The truth is, some people search all their lives for the keys that unlock personal power, wealth, health, and happiness. Most folks never find those "keys." Why not? It turns out they were looking in all the wrong places.


Each person defines success in their own unique way. For some people, success is all about material and financial wealth. Other people want peace of mind, or good health, better family relationships, or simply more time. However you define a successful life, there really is no limit to what you can accomplish.

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New York Magazine

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Montauk Chronicles


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